CAUSSADE and the hatter tradition

Museum and scenographic space
This space offers to the visitors a trip to the hat country and history.
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Some details of this very beautiful museographic and scenographic space that tells you the hatter epic.

The QUERCY CAUSSADAIS, a very important hat manufacturing basin.

Perrette Gleye, better known as Pétronille Cantecor, was born in Caussade in 1770. In 1787, she married Jean Cantecor, a farmer, and moved with him to Septfonds.

While she keeps her sheep, the idea comes to her to assemble strands of straw; Thus is born the “paillole”, a term which designates the braid, then the straw hat worn by women. In 1796, Pétronille created his first hat-making workshop. She then founded a second factory and passed on her knowledge to her cousin André Rey. She died in 1846, leaving her factory to her grandson Fortuné Cantecor, who will carry her to the pinnacle with a production of 5000 hats a day.

In 1857, André Rey received a subsidy from the City of Caussade to settle there. The arrival of the railway in 1884 and electricity in 1896 fostered the economic development of the whole Caussadais basin.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city counts some thirty factories employing more than 3000 people. The industry flourished, gives an important place to the boater dear to Maurice Chevalier.

The city established its fame as a great center hatter French.

During the 1930s, major strikes disrupted the whole hatchery area. Then the democratization of the automobile and the change of fashion dress, announce the decline of this industry. In 1937, the Rousseau factory diversified it by developing the production of hats in new materials (rabanne, width, furs, ...). Beginning in 1946, Auguste Crambes developed the textile hat that would allow the basin to better resist the crisis.

Today, the Ets Crambes and Ets Rey "Willy's Paris" continue in Caussade, as well as the Ets Coustillières in Septfonds.


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