CAUSSADE history

Jut a few geography and geology :

Near "Causse de Limogne" and its western and southern prolongation which is a low Jurassic plateau, the descent is made by the old gulf of Monteils dating from the oligocene geological period between 23 and 34 million years.

We arrive at the ancient alluvial quaternaire plain of the Aveyron which joins the plain of Tarn in Montauban.

The Causse, a zone of chemical and hydraulic erosion, consists of carbonate rocks, mainly limestones. This zone has given way to very beautiful and vast green and fruit valleys, identical to those of the Val de Garonne.

The calcareous limestones being permeable, the precipitations, superior annually to 850mm of water, feed the valleys only after infiltration on the plateau.

Caussade, capital of the canton of the Arrondissement of Montauban, is located in the Lère valley, a tributary of the Aveyron.

Some details about CAUSSADE :

What does mean the coat of arms






Administrative subdivision


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Name and number of residents


Altitude and surface  



A blazon, to the chief sewn of azure loaded with three fleurs-de-lys of gold, gules to the silver tower, masoned of sand, to dexter, and to the shoe of gold to sinister. The whole is inherited from the barony of Caussade.

Midi-Pyrénées-Languedoc-Roussillon / Tarn-et-Garonne


QUERCY CAUSSADAIS Commune Community.


Caussadaises and Caussadais, 7300 residents.

44° 09' 44" North - 1° 32' 16" East

Mini 95m - Maxi 208m / 45.73km2

Toponymy :

The name Caussade comes from the Occitan "Caussada", a word whose french equivalent is "chaussée", derived from the Latin "calciata".

This word designates a road constructed of very packed stones, of "calciare", better known in the direction of "managed road".

Caussade would therefore mean "road" or "grouping of alleys, paved paths", thus a place of settled habitat.

This name of place also gave birth to a particular species of chickens in the south-west and especially in the Tarn-et-Garonne. This variety, good layers with fine flesh is called "gascon" or "béarnaise".

Some history !

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