The toulousian style villa,


well established in


its full flowered


nature environment.



Walking quietly in


its whole expanse,


the landscaped park


invites you to relaxation


and escape.




The floweres rockeries


with their deep scents.



End of march, spring is coming,


the fruit trees are in flower,


waiting for the fruits


you will savour on the spot.




The vegetation does awake in the whole park,


the forsythia and some other trees are flowering,


the summer months are coming soon


and you will enjoy at the most this natural


and privileged environment.




Swimming pool, pine trees shades,


everything is met for your whole


resourcing in best conditions. 




The overflowing pool,


generously sized,


blended in the natural environment.



To enjoy the pool at the most, in total


relaxation and without any opposite,


except some inquisitive hind or roe deer,


down the valley, at the end of the day.



The overflowing pool,


always appreciated


in best conditions for


everybody’s pleasure.



Some conviviality moments,


among other,


with hosts on the terrace


at the end of the day.




The terrace under


the jasmine fresh scents.



We are now in automn,


another nice season,


and THE CADANELLAU stays flowered


for your pleasure and you enjoy


with a lot of coloured shades


in this nature which is falling


asleep before winter.



And don’t forget the hydrangeas


imposing flower bed,


in flower from june till September,


which is inspiring some watercolour.


The surrounding nature,


during a full moon night,


above the pool, in the


wonderful summer nights





And why not


a bath under


the full moon !

LA CADANELLAU 2575 Route de Nègrepelisse - 82300 CAUSSADE - FRANCE

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